Sundew VesPEX Dominator Bottle Trap

Bottle trap for trapping insects

Insect traps are used to monitor or directly reduce populations of insects or other arthropods by trapping individuals and killing them. 

Sundew VesPEX Dominator Bottle Trap was designed after testing dozens of local and overseas bottle traps.  These local and overseas traps failed in their ability to consistently trap European wasps once they entered the trap.

After 5 years of in-the-field research and development, and working in conjunction with leading industrial designers we have created what we believe is the ultimate inescapable trap – the Sundew VesPEX Dominator Bottle Trap.

Sundew VesPEX Dominator Bottle Trap is recommended for use with VesPEX European Wasp Lure when targeting European wasps (Vespula germanica).  For European wasps foraging for protein the use of raw fish, chicken or other suitable meat products can be substituted in place of liquid lures to attract and capture wasps.

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