Taser PRO WP


800 g/kg Bendiocarb

Wettable Powder

150 g and 2 kg with handy measure scoop included

African Black Beetle (adult) in turf:  Golf greens and fairways, bowling greens and playing fields; and Earthworms in Turf:  Golf greens and fairways, bowling greens and playing fields; and Urban pests:  an extensive range of general pests including ants, bed bugs, carpet beetles, cockroaches, fleas, spiders, silverfish, Black Portuguese millipedes, European wasps, flies (common housefly, stable fly, brown blowfly, European green blowfly, lesser housefly), Seed harvesting ants, and baiting of flies.

SDS Label Declaration Technical Bulletin

TaserPRO 800 WP is a residual broad spectrum non-repellent insecticide for the treatment of African Black Beetle (adults) and Earthworms in turf.  TaserPRO is also a non-pyrethroid and is ideal for resistance management.  It can be rotated with pyrethroids (such as MaxumPRO 125 SC and BeetleBETA 125 SC) to limit resistance.  TaserPRO 800 WP is biodegradable with low risk of environmental contamination; it is water-based, so contains no oil or solvent to damage turf.

Nuisance Earthworm in Amenity Turf
Earthworm activity is beneficial in most natural and agricultural systems, but excessive earthworm casting is a problem on sports fields worldwide. 

Earthworm casting on the surface of golf course fairways is becoming one of the most challenging management issues for superintendents.

Casting occurs when earthworms ingest soil and leaf tissue to extract nutrients, then emerge from their burrows to deposit the faecal matter, or casts, as mounds of soil on the turf surface. 

Earthworms become an issue in amenity turf when:

  • Expulsion of soil rich earthworm faecal matter, or casts, as mounds of soil on the turf canopy can muddy the surface, reduce photosynthesis, and lead to thinning, weed invasion and surface softening.
  • Casts affect ball roll on sports fields and causes fouling of maintenance equipment and dulls mower blades.
  • Build-up of cast material on cylinder mower units can affect height and quality of cut.
  • In low-cut amenity turf grass systems such as lawn bowls, cricket pitches, golf course greens, tees and fairways, surface castings from earthworms can result in a muddy playing surface, ball roll issues, water retention in the canopy, weed and pest invasion, reduced aesthetics, surface softening and decreased photosynthesis.
  • Extensive earthworm casting on fairways interferes with proper maintenance practices, the playability of the turfgrass and the overall appearance of the fairways.
  • Affected turf can become thin and the playing surface can soften.

NOTE: earthworms are considered to be beneficial in turf for soil aeration, water penetration, thatch control and the addition of bacteria and organic matter. Sundew TaserPRO 800WP Insecticide should be used as part of an integrated pest management program which incorporates other non-pesticide options.

Key Features:

  • Active ingredient: bendiocarb 800 g/kg
  • Excellent against African Black Beetle and Earthworms in turf situations
  • Excellent against a broad range of urban pests
  • Can be mixed with sugar to form an effective fly bait
  • Contains no oil or solvent to damage turf
  • Non-pyrethroid and is ideal for rotation and resistance management

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