Special high quality, graded silica carrier granule

10 Kg
1 Kg Shaker 

For the control of Argentine stem weevil, Funnel ants, Red imported fire ants, Yellow crazy ants and all other Nuisance ants in Turf (for example lawns, commercial turf farms, parks, recreational areas, golf courses, bowling greens, sports fields etc) and external surrounds of buildings and structures including gardens, lawns and direct onto ant nests and trails as per the directions for use.

SDS Label Technical Bulletin

SAS PRO® Professional Granule Ant Killer

Sundew Ant Silica (SAS PRO) 0.25 g/kg Fipronil based specially graded silica carrier granule for use in the control of Red imported fire ant, yellow crazy ant, Funnel ant, Nuisance ants and Argentine stem weevil, in external surrounds of buildings and structures including gardens, lawns, ant nests and trials.  Also registered for application to commercial turf farms, parks, recreational areas, golf courses, bowling greens, sports fields etc.

SAS PRO is manufactured in Australia.  Our high grade quartz silica is sourced from Perth.  It is graded, washed and dried before shipping to the Sundew manufacturing plant in Melbourne.  Our buckets, lids and shaker packs are supplied by local injection moulding suppliers in Melbourne.  The labels on the buckets are printed by local suppliers using renewable Australian resources.  SAS PRO is then blended using a proprietary 3 stage process involving sticking agents (similar to glue used on Post-It-Notes) being applied to the granules before the fipronil is electro statically applied to the quartz carrier and then dried.  The final product is then filled and assembled in Melbourne before being dispatched nationally.  During the manufacturing process our high quality silica is moved and packed off under a vacuum to remove all fine particles that could cause an inhalation hazard.  This is a special 3 stage wash and vacuum process to remove fine particles and bring you the highest quality commercially available product.

Key Features:

  1. Fipronil based formulation for the treatment of funnel ants in commercial turf, and nuisance ants in domestic situations
  2. A high quality graded silica carrier is utilised to provide optimum distribution of fipronil in treated areas
  3. Optimum sized silica carrier are utilised to reduce any inhalation risks by users
  4. For use in external areas hard to treat with traditional sprays e.g. garden beds, between pavers, lawns, etc
  5. Each 10 kg pale comes with convenient shaker pack for ease of application
  6. Now also available in handy 1 kg shaker pack
  7. For best results apply along ant trails and around nests
  8. Fipronil based granule provides total colony eradication with Sundew Smart Kill Technology
  9. Broad spectrum or activity
  10. Long residual activity
  11. Convenient ready to use
  12. Ideal around sensitive areas such as schools, daycare, where nuisance ants cause great distress.
  13. Now approved for treating Red imported fire ants, Yellow crazy ants and Argentine stem weevil
  14. Made in Australia by a family owned 100% Australian business

After extensive field trials and real world experience Sundew recommends the use of SAS PRO on broken surfaces such as lawns, garden beds, between pavers, compost, ant trails, nests, etc WITHSundew ANTagonist PRO Polymer Enhanced Bifenthrin applied to hard surfaces such as concrete, walls, driveways, posts, sleepers, ant trails, nests, etc for control of all ant species in domestic situations.  Read more here about ANTagonist PRO>>


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