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$9.95 Inclusive of GST
$9.95 Inclusive of GST
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$6.25 Inclusive of GST

Terms and Conditions

Items for Sale

Items FOR SALE in the Sundew Merchandise page can be purchased by anybody.  There are no exclusions.  Items for sale will only be shipped within Australia and its territories.  For overseas orders please email with your enquiry.


Items for Redemption

Items FOR REDEMPTION can only be redeemed by pest management professionals who have supplied proof of purchase from either Professional Pest Management wholesalers (such as Agserv, David Grays, Garrards, Globe etc), OR turf care professionals who have purchased Sundew products through Turf wholesalers (such as ACE Ohlsson, Globe Growing Solutions, Greenway, K&B Adams, Living Turf, Oasis Turf, Nuturf, Landscaping Solutions, etc).  Scanned copies of invoices must be submitted to Sundew Solutions to claim redemptions.  All invoices provided will be verified with the wholesale entity before redemptions are posted to the qualifying participant.  Sundew products purchased that qualify for REDEMPTION can only be redeemed against one single merchandise item.  Items purchased through eBay, Amazon or other online shops are not eligible for redemption items. 



Shipping is calculated using and Australia Post calculator based on the overall size, weight and destination.