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Sundew Research to Reduce Plastic Waste

Sundew research to reduce plastic waste

02/02/2022 AEPMA Newsletter While developing a leading edge cockroach gel bait formulation was a primary objective for the research team at Sundew, just as important was developing a solution to reduce plastic waste associated with current syringes used in the market. “It would have been infinitely easier to just launch our new AbolishPRO Cockroach Gel […]

Cockroaches. Some love Donuts. Others love Burgers + Shake.

sundew abolishpro indoxacarb cockroach bait gel

16/12/2021  Cockroaches. Some love Donuts. Others love Burgers + Shake. Australian research into cockroach feeding behaviour has led to the development of a gel bait to overcome potential of pesticide resistance or bait aversion. “It might not sound very glamorous,” said David Priddy, C.E.O at Sundew Solutions, “But spending countless hours studying the behaviour of […]

A New Bait Solution for European Wasps

Sundew Vespex Remote Baiting European Wasps Australia_David Priddy

01/12/2021 A pest that is fast becoming an enormous threat to our daily lives appears to have been given little attention since being discovered in Australia. However, this presents an excellent income opportunity for switched on professional pest managers. In the late 1950s specimens of the European wasp (Vespula germanica) were collected in Tasmania and […]

Sundew Solutions – the Rise of the Aussie Innovator

Sundew Solutions David Priddy

Sundew Solutions – the Rise of the Aussie Innovator If you asked pest management professionals if they’d heard of the company ‘Sundew Solutions’ twelve years ago, only a select few would have known the name.  Move forward to 2021 and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in the industry that didn’t know about the […]

Sundew Solutions Helping Wasp Ravaged Mallacoota

Sundew helping wasp ravaged Mallacoota

03/05/2021 You might remember in the March edition of AEPMA eNewsletter the story “They’re everywhere”: Fire-ravaged Mallacoota now plagued by wasps? What we didn’t tell you was that Sundew Solutions has been working with key local contacts trialing the new Vespex European Wasp Baiting program. In mid-March 2021 a field trial at a waste transfer […]

Sundew Joins the Fight against Red Imported Fire Ants and Yellow Crazy Ants

Sundew fire ant and yellow crazy ant solutions

08/03/2021 To help provide additional tools for the management of Red Imported Fire Ants and Yellow Crazy Ants, Sundew Solutions is proud to announce that SAS PRO fipronil ant granules is now APVMA approved for these tramp ants. “Following extensive research and product development in the field in South East Queensland over the past 4 […]

Pulling Together in an Uncertain World COVID-19 – Sundew Solutions

Sundew Solutions a family owned 100% Australian business

03/04/2020 As an industry, during these uncertain times we should all be pulling together to help each other. Aussies have had it all in the past 6 months – drought, fires, floods and now a pandemic. The only thing certain is uncertainty. One weakness that COVID-19 has brought to everyone’s attention is the reliance we […]

Ant Solutions from Sundew

Sundew the ant specialists indoors and outdoors

02/09/2019 “With the weather warming up soon, ants are going to be making their presence felt in and around homes in Australia.” explained Rowan Gregson, Technical Solutions Advisor at Sundew Solutions. “Excluding termites, ants are considered to be the number one pest in Australia and it’s no wonder considering how widespread they are and how […]

Innovative New Ant Bait Gel Putting the Squeeze on Ants

Sundew AttractANT PRO putting the squeeze on ants

6 Sept 2019 Innovative New Ant Bait Gel Putting the Squeeze on Ants “New AttractANT PRO® Ant Bait Gel is the culmination of years of extensive research and development,” said Rowan Gregson Technical Solutions Advisor at Sundew Solutions, “specifically developed for local conditions and the need of Australian pest management professional in mind.” “The building […]

Sundew Receives Praise for Innovative New Ant Bait Gel

David Priddy Sundew AttractANT PRO Ant Bait Gel

31/05/2019 AEPMA Newsletter “We’re not surprised that such a simple concept has resulted in praise from pest management professionals across the country…” said David Priddy, CEO at Sundew Solutions. “We spoke to pesties and asked them what their biggest issues were with existing ant bait gels, and unanimously every product had problems.” Research and development […]

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