New Product – Sundew AbolishPRO, Putting the Squeeze on Roaches

Boasting a highly palatable, novel industry first bait matrix, along with potent indoxacarb active ingredient will see pest management professionals putting the squeeze on roaches in a totally new way.

“Pest managers from across Australia were very excited when Sundew launched AttractANT PRO Ant Bait Gel powered by indoxacarb, packaged in the industry’s first ready to use squeeze tube back in December 2018.  From that very first day pest management professionals wanted to know when we would bring out a roach bait gel in the same user-friendly packaging,” said David Priddy, C.E.O at Sundew Solutions.

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EnsnarePRO 50SC – Important Label Update a Relief to Commercial Pest Management Professionals

With innovative new formulations and modes of action of active ingredient being available to pest management professional, product label directions don’t always keep pace with how products are used.  Sundew is pleased to announce updates to EnsnarePRO50SC indoxacarb that will put a smile on commercial pest professionals faces.

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VESPEX A NEW Income Stream for Pest Management Professionals


As an industry we find ourselves operating in unprecedented turbulent times.  Now more than ever, pest management professionals are looking for new income streams.  Sundew shares an exciting opportunity that many are embracing with outstanding results.

“Your VESPEX European wasp baiting product is simply amazing.  I made over $13,000 in new business in a single month, and I didn’t even do a single VESPEX treatment,” was the phone call that David Priddy, C.E.O at Sundew Solutions received from a very excited Victorian pest management professional in March 2021.

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Enrol Now to Become a Vespex European Wasp Accredited Specialist

With Spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to enrol to become a Vespex Accredited Specialist.
Sundew Solutions was proud in late 2020 to bring pest management professionals Australia’s very first APVMA approved remote toxicant baiting solution for European Wasps (vespula germanica).  
European Wasp was first found in Australia in 1959 after being introduced from overseas.  This non-native pest has become established in Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia.  There have even been reports of nests being found in South East Queensland.
Traditionally, this pest has been treated by direct application to nests of an insecticidal dust and/or spray application.  This relies on the nest being able to be located and accessed.  
So what do you do when you don’t know where the nest is, or it isn’t accessible, or you cannot gain access to the property where nests are located, or you have an environmentally sensitive area where direct treatment just simply isn’t allowed?
“Sundew has been conducting extensive research and development over the past 7 years on a range of solutions to address these various challenging scenarios,” explained David Priddy, CEO of Sundew Solutions.  “The use of Vespex European Wasp Liquid Lure in combination with Sundew Ensnare PRO 50 SC Indoxacarb, is the first of several tools we are researching to help treat this serious environmental and public health pest.”

Sundew Solutions Helping Wasp Ravaged Mallacoota


You might remember in the March edition of AEPMA eNewsletter the story “They’re everywhere”: Fire-ravaged Mallacoota now plagued by wasps?

What we didn’t tell you was that Sundew Solutions has been working with key local contacts trialing the new VESPEX European Wasp Baiting program.  

In mid-March 2021 a field trial at a waste transfer station was set up to test the effectiveness of the VESPEX program.  It was reported by staff at the transfer station that there was a 50-60% reduction in wasp numbers in just 7 days of baiting.

“We’ve received similar excited positive reports from VESPEX Accredited Specialists across Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania,” said David Priddy, C.E.O. of Sundew Solutions. 

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Sundew Joins the Fight against Red Imported Fire Ants and Yellow Crazy Ants

To help provide additional tools for the management of Red Imported Fire Ants and Yellow Crazy Ants, Sundew Solutions is proud to announce that SAS PRO fipronil ant granules is now APVMA approved for these tramp ants.

“Following extensive research and product development in the field in South East Queensland over the past 4 years, registration was approved on the 19th of January 2021 for SAS PRO,” said David Priddy, C.E.O. of Sundew Solutions.

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Pulling Together in an Uncertain World COVID-19 – Sundew Solutions


As an industry, during these uncertain times we should all be pulling together to help each other.  Aussies have had it all in the past 6 months – drought, fires, floods and now a pandemic.  The only thing certain is uncertainty.  

One weakness that COVID-19 has brought to everyone’s attention is the reliance we have on China and overseas suppliers.  It’s now more than ever that we each need to do our part to support local Aussie businesses to keep the wheels spinning. 

“When you buy Sundew products, you know that you are supporting a family business, 100% Australian owned,” said David Priddy, owner of Sundew Solutions.  “We’re (Sundew) an Aussie family business, just like the pest management professionals that make up the Australian Pest Management industry.” 

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Ant Solutions from Sundew

“With the weather warming up soon, ants are going to be making their presence felt in and around homes in Australia.” explained Rowan Gregson, Technical Solutions Advisor at Sundew Solutions.

“Excluding termites, ants are considered to be the number one pest in Australia and it’s no wonder considering how widespread they are and how persistent they can be.  They are also the most likely pest to result in a call back for pest managers, so getting it right the first time is vital.” said Rowan.

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Custom insecticide made at Australian Pest Managers’ requests


There aren’t many research and development companies in Australia that a pest management professional can ring and ask them to make a customised insecticide.  There are plenty of generic suppliers who are happy to copy someone else’s product.  But developing something totally new and innovative takes a special company with exceptional talent to turn an idea into reality.  

Such was the case with EnsnarePRO introduced to the Australian market early in the year.  EnsnarePRO, containing 50 g/L indoxacarb is the result of pest managers across Australia asking for a non-staining easy to use liquid formulation.  Up until the launch of this product the industry was told it wasn’t possible to make a non-staining liquid version of indoxacarb.  Identifying the dire need the industry was seeking, Sundew formulation chemists and development team set about creating the impossible.  In early 2018 Sundew was excited to announce the release of ENSNARE PRO 50SC with Smart Kill Technology™.   EnsnarePRO is a world first indoxacarb non-repellent, odourless, non-staining residual suspension concentrate spray for use indoors and outdoors.

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Sundew Starlight Charity Golf Day a Smashing Success!


On Friday the 30th of May Sundew Solutions held its inaugural Charity Golf Day at Stonecutters Ridge Golf Course.  This was the first pest control specific charity golf event to be held of its type.

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Cutting Edge Science for Pest Management

February 2012
Published in Australian Professional Pest Manager Magazine

Sundew Solutions is leading the way with its unique patented formulation technologies to give professional pest managers an unfair advantage in the treatment of flying and crawling pests.

Sundew MaxumPRO® 125 SC Professional Insecticide (125g/L betacyfluthrin) has all the attributes that you would expect from a modern professional being able to be used indoors and outdoors, and is highly stable in sunlight, high temperatures and on alkaline surfaces.

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Sept 2011
Published in Australian Professional Pest Manager Magazine

New cutting edge formulation technology is moving Sundew Solutions to forefront in professional pest management product development.

“The first time I used MaxumPRO, I felt like I was finally doing a good service for customer … I was just wrapped,” exclaimed an excited Mr Tim Legg, owner of EXODUS Pest Control and the Australian winner of Pest Manager of the Year 2011.

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Your Favourite Products Back by Popular Demand

June 2011
Published in Australian Professional Pest Manger Magazine

“You’ve demanded their return.  We’ve made it happen just for you,” said David Priddy, CEO of Sundew Solutions.

Sundew Solutions has been formed by consultant and ex-Bayer business manager, David Priddy to “ … bring back proven professional products that have not just stood the test of time, but have proven their reliability time and time again.”

Mr Priddy said Sundew’s first three offerings are:

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