Polymer Enhanced Synthetic Pyrethroid

Suspension Concentrate

1L & 5L

For the control of ants and a range of other urban pests, and for the control of a range of pests in ornamental plants and turf as specified in the directions for use.

SDS Label Declaration Technical Bulletin


A suspension concentrate formulation containing a revolutionary new Polymer Enhanced Synthetic Pyrethroid NOW approved for the treatment of (General Pest Control) spiders, wasps, cockroaches, mosquitoes, midges, fleas, flies, ticks, termites, (Turf) lawn armyworms, sod webworms, argentine stem weevil, billbug, African black beetle, ants, (Ornamentals) mites, aphids, caterpillars, loopers, earworm, budworm, lightbrown apple moth, whitefly, mealybug, thrips and cutworms.

Key Features:

  1. Utilises unique NEW Polymer Enhanced Synthetic Pyrethroid formulation
  2. Available in convenient 1 L squeeze easy measure chamber pack of 5 L bulk jerry bottle
  3. Ideal for hard surfaces eg. concrete paths, brickwork, etc
  4. Stable on alkaline surfaces eg. concrete, cement board, etc.
  5. Available only to professional pest managers
  6. Ideal around sensitive areas such as schools, day-care, where nuisance ants cause great distress.
  7. Registered for treatment of nuisance ants – doesn’t matter if they are sugar feeders or protein feeders – ANTagonistPRO controls the lot!

Sundew field trials and real world experience recommends the use of  Sundew ANTagonistPRO Polymer Enhanced Bifenthrin on hard surfaces such as concrete, walls, driveways, posts, sleepers, ant trails, nests, etc WITH SAS PRO applied to broken surfaces such as lawns, garden beds, between pavers, compost, ant trails, nests, etc for season long control of all ant species in domestic situations..

Sundew SAS PRO is a fipronil based specially graded silica carrier used to treat the non-solid surfaces e.g. garden beds, lawns, compost heaps, etc.  Read more here about SAS PRO>> 

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