A familiar face joins the Sundew Team – JON BROUGHTON

Jon Broughton excited to be joining the Sundew Team

3 August 2022 Published AEPMA e-newsletter

Sundew Solutions is pleased to announce that Jon Broughton has joined the team taking up the role of Sales Executive Pest Management Professional Queensland.

“Jon brings many years valuable experience having been involved with pest management professionals across Queensland.  He is very excited to join the Sundew team and looks forward to working with our valued customers across the state,” said David Priddy, C.E.O. Sundew.

Jon’s primary role will be to support our customers by providing timely product information, updates, education and support.  He will also be on hand to provide one-on-one technical advice, training and assistance to ensure you achieve positive, consistent results from our products.

Jon’s extensive wealth of business knowledge and excellent reputation in the industry puts him in an ideal position to partner with you to add exceptional value.

Please make Jon welcome when he connects with you over the coming months.
Jon can be contacted on 0422 008 897 or email jon@sundewsolutions.com.au

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