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Sundew is proud to announce IDEAS CENTRAL as a result of the fantastic response to the Royalty Income for Life Competition run in 2012. 

IDEAS CENTRAL is a portal where NEW ideas can be submitted to Sundew for consideration in our product development pipeline.

Products that have a 'fit' in our portfolio that can be successfully commercialised can give you a financial reward!  Enter your ideas today here>> and ensure you include your NAME, BUSINESS NAME, and CONTACT DETAILS:

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Click on the icon below to subscribe to our technical updates.  As new information relating to the technical attributes to Sundew products becomes available, be the first to be ahead of the pack.  Just send us your NAME, BUSINESS NAME, and EMAIL ADDRESS and we’ll keep you a head of the pack:

 the sundew difference

  1. 1100% Australian Owned and Operated

  2. 2Specialising in Pest Management

  3. 3Research and Development driven

  4. 4Leading edge formulation technology

  5. 5Investing in local business

Sundew Solutions is 100% Australian owned and operated.  We support local business by employing the services of research companies, registration consultants, and manufacturers.

Sundew Solutions Pty Ltd is a specialist boutique chemical provider with products for the modern Professional Pest Manager. 


Sundew has focused on making the best formulated products as the current influx of cheap generic products has led to the demise of quality for price. 

You get what you pay for!  This influx of poor quality cheap generic products has seen the alarming acceptance of sedimentation of products in their original containers, unacceptable dispersion properties in water, highly viscous products that just won't mix with water, large particle sizes of actives which cause extreme abrasiveness - wear and tear, and blockages of equipment.    


Our products will be available through the network of chemical resellers Agserv Australia, David Grays, Garrards Australia, Globe Australia, Jade SA, and Servag in Tasmania. 


With many NEW products in development Sundew Solutions promises to be an exciting new Research and Development based pest control technology company to watch.

formulation innovation
Innovative formulation technology developed by Sundew Solutions for the professional pest manager: click on the logo's below to find out what makes Sundew DeltaPRO and MaxumPRO the most technically advanced formulations designed specifically for the modern professional pest manager:

the best formulated products that money can buy -  guaranteed!

As Sundew Solutions has developed new formulation technologies in its DeltaPRO and MaxumPRO suspension concentrates it was a requirement of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) that trials be conducted on all the pests claimed on the label under Australian pest conditions.  Unlike inferior generic 'knock-offs' which can simply ‘mirror’ a label without conducting in-field trials in real world situations, Sundew DeltaPRO and MaxumPRO have been tested and proven in Australia in order to achieve APVMA registration status.  This includes testing on various life stages of each pest, on a variety of surfaces (porous, non-porous, vegetative, etc) and for extended periods of time.


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Read testimonials and success stories regarding ANTagonistPRO and SAS PRO on our Facebook page.  Click on the link below:


hot new products

The hottest new thing in professional pest management guaranteed by Sundew to bring you more business - PESTIE DOTZ - a professional polymer platform onto which gel baits can be applied.  PESTIE DOTZ incorporates a technology that allows them to be attached to flat smooth surfaces without tearing or leaving any residues when removed.  Read more here>>





Sundew Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of two revolutionary new products specifically developed for the control of ants - ANTagonistPRO and SAS PRO.

ANTagonistPRO is a world first polymer enhanced synthetic pyrethroid concentrate making this the best product on the market for the control of ants.  Sugar, protein, oil or carbohydrate feeding ants - it doesn't matter anymore.  ANTagonistPRO controls the lot!
Read more>>

The second ant product offering launched in March is SAS PRO - the first FIPRONIL silica granule available for professional pest managers to apply around external structures, gardens, pavers, and turf forthe control of nuisance ants.  Read more>>  


You can send back all your pretend ant controlproducts and by using ANTagonistPRO and SAS PRO achieve season long ant control that no

other product can offer.  Why bait when you can achieve total colony elimination with the winning combination of these products engineered from the ground up.


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